An American with Deep Roots

Hello, thanks for visiting my humble blog, I’m an American with deep colonial roots on this continent. My Paternal lineage traces back to tobacco planters of Tidewater, who settled in the Maryland colony and in future generation migrated west, intermarrying with Appalachians, and other European immigrants. On my mother’s side, my family goes back to the Puritans of the New England seaboard, and Appalachian Indian fighters.

My interests chiefly involve raising my growing family, religion, homesteading, genealogy, history, hiking and genetics.

My hope is to inspire Westerners in general with hope for the future through imbuing them with pride for their past. In particular though my heart and passion is for my own people, Americans, who have had their history denigrated, and now even statues of their heroes and forefathers destroyed.

We must hang together, or surely we shall hang separately.

Enjoy your stay!

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